OPC Drum

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What does it do?

The OPC Drum receives the image to print from a laser inside the printer and transfers the image to paper.

A Deeper Look at the OPC Drum

An OPC Drum has many layers to help it interact with the other components in a cartridge.

From Raw Materials to Finished Product

OPC Drum Function

STEP 01: The PCR charges the OPC Drum to the correct electrical properties, usually a negative charge.

STEP 02: The laser from the printer writes the image to be printed to the OPC Drum, discharging the electrical properties on the drum.

STEP 03: The Developer Roller adds the toner to the OPC Drum. The toner is only attracted to the discharged areas.

Electrophotography And the
OPC Drum

Photo-Induced Discharge Curve (PIDC) Graph

This graph compares the photo-induced discharge curve between two drums. Each OPC Drum is tested for its charge ability, sometimes referred to as sensitivity. This determines how much toner will attract to the drum. The less sensitive the drum is, the less toner it will attract, resulting in lighter prints.

The Color Printing Process